Social media and marketing experts

For those of you looking for an all star real estate broker, look no further. Trang Janick at RISE Property Collective has all the tools you should be looking for in a real estate agent.

Trang has a clear understanding of her real estate market, she has the local contacts you need to get your deal done, and she has the respect of her peers in the community.

Trang is extremely professional, very diligent and detail oriented, and is always accessible. I’ve worked with other real estate agents in the past that would take long weekends, extended holidays, etc. and when time was of the essence I was not able to reach them when I needed. Trust me when I tell you that Trang will be there for you!

A particular area that she excels at is social media and marketing. One of the big reasons I chose to do business with her is because of her digital prowess. I first started to notice Trang when she was doing interviews of local business owners and putting them on Facebook, etc. Not only was she putting herself out there, which is what you want from your agent, but she was doing so to build community, grow local awareness, and help other business owners with commerce, quite the selfless act.

As a former commercial real estate broker, take it from me when I tell you that Trang has got you covered. She’ll make the transaction process smooth and simple, she’ll work hard for you, and her positive intentions come from a place of love, respect, and ease.

Give her a call now!

— Timothy Dugas, DC